Top 40 Music Sucks – King Salamander – “Salamander Lounge” Out Now

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Lounge is back and with a classier, smokier, sexier vibe spearheaded by King Salamander from Los Angeles, California. With a “drink in hand” King Salamader’s front man, Sterling Musk, describes the album to OC Weekly:

“Salamander Lounge plays like a story, from beginning to end,” says King Salamander mastermind and frontman Sterling Musk. “It’s a concept album about this lounge, and the whole album takes place in it. The characters come to life, the decor, the atmosphere, the environment, the history is all in there.

The 5 piece band is as follows and is responsible for the retro lounge sound where as Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack puts it “everybody gets laid!”:

Sterling Musk: Vocals, Kettle One Neat
Desmond Murphy: Bass, Nolet’s Gin & Tonic
Cullen Van Stouden: Drums, Mobius Stout (Bottle Logic Brewing)
Jack Mason: Guitar/Percussion, Hotel California Resposado
Charles C. Horse: Lead Guitar, Lagerithm (Bottle Logic Brewing)

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